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Help for Which Part?
Help for Which Part?

Registration and logging in

The first step is to set up your credentials on the Register page. This page only needs to be set up once per data set as these details will be used to log in to the data set you will create. All users of the data set will use the same log in details to access the same data. 

Company Name This will be the username that will be associated with the data set you create under these credentials

Password  will be the log in password

Email. The email address used to reset password etc.

Your Which Part? data can be accessed from any IOS or Android smart phone or tablet with the Which Part? app, providing the user knows the login details. (User name and Password)

Forgot Password and Reset Password. Tap on these buttons and follow instructions to retrieve or reset your password. Retrieved password will be sent to your registered email address.


Add text to photo

Select any of the three options to set the text that will appear beneath the photo in the gallery.

Arrange gallery by

Select any of the three options to to set the order in which the parts will appear on the gallery page.

Default Parts Email

This is to set the way the parts re order email will appear when ordering a part.

To  The default email address that the email will be sent to

Subject  The default message that will appear in the email subject. eg. Please order.

Message. The default message that will appear above the part description. e.g. 'Hi Parts Mananger, Please order the following for my vehicle stock.'

Auto Sync.  and Auto Add Use these options if you want to manually control syncing and adding of data. For example if you prefer connecting to a specific wifi connection to control data useage. App will only use and store data on the device, not the cloud based data, until you manually switch these on and upload/download data.

Add Part
Add Part

1. Tap on Add Part on the dashboard

2. Tap on Add A Part in the picture frame

3. Select from the drop down options  to import the image from your photo gallery or direct from the camera.

4. Fill in the Part Name and Part number on the same page and press Save. If you want to use a bar code to add the Part number, then click on More Info and tap on the bar code next to Part Number.   This part number will also appear on the first page. The photo and details can now be saved by tapping on the Save button at the top.

You have now added the minimum requirements to add a part, but you can add more details on the 'More Info' page. The Time taken to save depends on your internet connections.

Part Info
Part Info

Both the Part Number and Serial Number can be added by inserting text manually or using the bar scanner. To use the barcode scanner, tap on the barcode icon next to the applicable text box. This opens the scanner.

Hint. If your part has a barcode but it is not the correct part number (it may be the maker's part number for example) you can use this barcode as the serial number to save creating your own bar code. You can then insert your correct part number and then the two will always be linked to the part.

My Notes. This section allows you to add any notes or reminders about the part you like. You can also copy and paste web addresses for associated web pages. Once set up, just click on the link to take you to the relevant web page.

Re-order PartTap on this to bring up a preformed email with the format as set up in Settings. All you need to add is the quantity. All fields can be overwritten if required for a one of email.

Extra Info Photos. By tapping on the photo frames at the bottom of thepage, up to 3 photos can be added from the main photo gallery on the device or a picture taken directly and added to the app. This can be used to add photos of data sheets, circuit schematics, or just different views of the part. Once the correct photo is chosen, it will be loaded by clicking the save button. tap the zoom button to view the images full screen.

Delete Part
Delete Part

By tapping on 'Delete Part' on the main dashboard, you can select and delete any parts you no longer require on the app. A gallery of the parts will appear. Simply tap on the X the corner of the applicable part photo to delete the part. Once you sync with the data base, the part will be removed from there and deleted from other devices that use the same data base as soon as they update their devices.

Site Mailing List 

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Phone: 07 4953 1427
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