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 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Windows 8- I get warning that a file is missing or not registered
    This is caused by windows not having loaded the file to run programs such as CalcWiz and other similar third party programs. To fix- Go to windows control panel and ensure you have the very latest updates. Download and install these. Reboot your computer. Then right click on the CacWiz desktop icon and choose "Run as Administrator"

  2. Do I have to purchase CircuitWiz or CalcWiz online?
    No. If you prefer contact our office on 07 4953 1427 and talk to our friendly staff to arrange purchase over the phone.

  3. I have a new computer do I need a new password?
    Yes. Each time CalcWiz or CircuitWiz is installed a new serial number and password pair is created. You will need to purchase a new password via the website and send in the NEW serial number. On our Purchase page is an option for existing users to purchase an extra licence

  4. I'm having trouble loading on to Vista or Windows 7
    Due to Microsoft's (understandable) obsession with security, there are, unfortunately, a few problems when loading CircuitWiz on Vista/Excel2007 . However, if you follow the following instructions, once it is loaded you should have no further problems. Firstly, download the latest version of CircuitWiz from our website to your computer. Then before you open it for installation you will need to temporarily disable User Account Control. By the way, this is a common problem with installing some programs (particularly those of a specialist type) on Vista so it may be handy to save these instructions for future reference. Open Control panel>user accounts>Turn User Account Control on or off> then uncheck Use User Account Control (UAC) .... you will then need to restart your computer. Once you have restarted the computer, find the dowloaded CircuitWiz installation file (usually on the desktop or in downloads), Open it and follow the instructions to load it. After installion, don't forget to turn User Account Control back on and restart the computer.

  5. The tools are all different on the latest Excel.
    The CircuitWiz menus can now be found under the 'Add-Ins' tab. Drawing tools. Unfortunately some components on the drawing toolbar for CircuitWiz are not compatable with Excel Vista/2007/Win7. ( hence the error Could not load an object as it is not available on this machine) This is not a problem as the Excel tools are very comprhensive and great to use. You can access some of them by clicking on the insert tab and choosing SHAPES To Customise quick access toolbar, click on the Microsoft office button on the very top left of the page (a circle with coloured squares in it) > click on Excel options at the bottom then Customise from the left column. 'Drawing Tools/Format Tabs' You then select the tools you want to add to the toolbar and clck 'Add' You can add as may tools as you like and change them later if you wish. Once you have selected the tools you need, click on OK -The tools will then be displayed at the top of the window. Once you have added the tools you need, they will be there whenever you open CircuitWiz. The vital tools are line, snap to grid and text box, with some of the shapes (square, circle etc), zoom in and out, group and ungroup, also very handy. If you find my notes hard to follow then press F1 and search for "Customise tool bar"

  6. I have trouble installing on a 64 bit version of Windows 7
    Download the latest version of CircuitWiz from the Download Software page. Whilst it is listed as CircuitWiz 7.3 the installation package has been modified to correct this problem.

  7. I have Office/Excel 2007 and symbols do not line up to grid!
    In the first versions of excel 2007 the drawing tools did not perform properly. This problem was addressed by Microsoft with the service pack for office 2007. To fix, visit the windows update site and download/install the latest service pack for office 2007.

  8. Errors such as "COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependences not correctly registered......"
    This error is usually fixed by ensuring you have all the latest windows updates, especially on a new PC. Go to Windows updates in control panel. once updates have completed make sure you reboot your computer after the downloads. If the problem persists then copy and paste this link into your web browser.

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