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Using the App
Using the App
 Using the App

Some of the gestures may take a little practice but have a play and you will soon get the hang of it.

To begin a drawing.

1. Choose the orientation of the page you wish to draw on. Portrait or Landscape

Zooming and Panning.

This is achieved in the normal iPad way- 2 fingers on the screen pinching in and out for zooming- 2 fingers moving together for panning.
Zoom Lock. There is a zoom on/off switch at the bottom of the page as requested by some users to lock the zoom. This overcomes the problem of accidently zooming when you move the drawing around.
Symbols Lock We have added a symbols lock also as requested. This locks all the symbols in position with the exception of the last symbol added. Use this to avoid disrupting other symbols while you are editing. 

Selecting a symbol

There are several different symbol types included in both the Lite and Pro versions of CircuitWiz. 

ANSI which are the North American standards and

IEC which are based on the European standards and are also used in Australasia.

AS which are Architectural Symbols

There are two ways to select symbols. 

In both cases you tap on the symbol to insert it at the top left of the active screen.

1. You can flick through the gallery at the bottom of the page. 

2. You can use the search function (tap on the looking glass) to show specific symbols in a list. e.g. all the switches or all the IEC symbols. To show all the architectural symbols for example search for AS as all these symbols have AS at the end of the title.

Editing a symbol

Once you have selected a symbol by tapping on it, you can move it into position by dragging with your finger.

The symbol will "snap" to the grid lines to make alignment a simple process.

Double tapping on a symbol allows you to add text above it at the cursor or delete it using the red x. 

Once you are finished editing, double tap it again to exit edit mode.
Group tool
In the Shapes menu there is a Group button. When you click on this you can tap on several symbols, conductors, text etc in the drawing and a they will have a greyed background to show they are selected. By using your finger outside of the greyed area you can move all the selected symbols as a group.

Optional Copy and Paste feature
To use the copy and paste, first select the components you want to copy by selecting the Group tool in the Shapes menu. 
Tap on the components that you want to copy then click on copy paste. The group you selected will then be copied and pasted to another area. By using your finger outside the greyed area you can position the pasted objects into the position required. A great time saver on those schematics that have repetative sections.


Symbols can also be rotated by touching with two fingers held together together and twisting. 

This is best done with the symbol size increased by zooming. It may take a little practice.

Adding text.

Text can be added anywhere on the drawing. Tap on the Shapes tool and then tap on the T .

A cursor will appear on the drawing . Add your text and drag it to where you need it.

Double tapping on the text will allow you to edit or delete the text.

Hint. If you find it difficult to delete a symbol then zoom in to make the x easier to target.

Conductors / Connectors

There are 2 ways to link the symbols and draw other lines.

1. The symbols gallery contains various length's of solid connector lines that can be edited in the same way as other symbols.

2. You can use the line tool to draw any of the styles shown. tap to select the type and draw by dragging on the screen. 

Pinching in and out will alter the line length.


Click on the save button to name and save. Use the Load Design button to reload and edit the saved drawing.
Hint- Save several versions of a drawing as you progress. This allows you to return to a previous stage if you need or make a major mistake.


CircuitWiz drawings produce a very professional quality drawing when printed.

You can export the drawing either with or without the grid. - use the Show Hide Grid button 

The completed drawing can be exported via email as a pdf document. 

Click on Export and fill in the recipient etc. then email and print from PC or Mac.

To print from the iPad you can email it to yourself and print from the iPad using a compatible wireless printer.  

iPad Help

We have endeavoured to keep CircuitWiz for the iPad as simple to use and intuitive as possible for anyone familiar with the iPad.

Version 1.2 has several enhancements as requested by our users. The Pro version also has 75 extra symbols as requested by our users.
Version 1.3 (Jan 13) has a page frame to enhance the finished schematic and an optional copy and paste feature (see below for details)

Version 1.4 (Aug 14) has been intensively reworked to increase reliability and avoid memory crashes. We have also added an auto save feature.
We aim to develop CircuitWiz to suit you, so if there is something that bugs you and you think needs attention, or just a feature that you think would be useful then please contact us and we would be only too pleased to consider it.
Need extra symbols?- let us know and chances are we will include them in future updates.
Like the app? Then please rate us on iTunes as that encourages us to develop further.
Don't like the app? Then please contact us first and chances are we can solve the problem.
So far we have reacted to customers input by adding many enhancements.
Some of these are -
Extra solar and architectural related  symbols in the pro version.
Page border for  a more professional look to the printed page.
Grouping function to shift several components at a time in relation to each other.
Symbols and zoom locks to prevent accidental disruption to drawing when editing.
Copy and paste option for help with repetitive sections of a drawing.
So if you see a need then let us know, but keep in mind that we are trying to keep this app simple to use. We do not want to turn it into a complicated CAD clone.

We want your feedback
We want your feedback

 Lite and Pro 

There are 2 main versions of CircuitWiz i. 

The Lite version  contains a limited number of symbols- sufficient to draw simple circuits. 

The Pro version contains around 220 symbols and has no advertising. It also has a copy and paste feature that is great for digrams with repetitve sections.

More versions of CircuitWiz will be available at a later date and we welcome any suggestions including any symbols additions. 

Versions for Hydraulics, Comms etc are in the pipeline.
We are also looking at adding a copy and paste function in the near future.-**Done Jan 2013

If you find a problem with this app then please email us and we will attend to it. 

If you like what you see  then please take the time to rate us on iTunes.

Visit us for more info at or email us at

Site Mailing List 

DNE Pty Ltd
PO Box 3163
North Mackay, Q 4740

Phone (07) 49 531 427
Please use feedback page for email

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